Why and How To Become an Embryologist in India

India is fast-growing, leading in technology, and rapidly adapting to the new lifestyle. There are an estimated 1.2-1.8 crore infertile couples in India. With the rapidly growing way of life, it won’t be surprising if these numbers keep growing. Under these conditions, ART-Assisted Reproductive Techniques are an excellent way for many couples to get a child. In the entire ART cycle, an Embryologist plays a crucial role. With the growing demand for ARTs, Embryology is a lucrative branch for those medical professionals seeking a reproductive branch of medicine.  

Out of all the ART techniques, IVF – (In Vitro Fertilization) by far has yielded success. In an IVF, a healthy embryo is vital. Embryology is a branch of biology concerned with the study of the fertilization of eggs and the development of sources. An Embryologist tracks fertilization and embryo development in the embryology lab. In an IVF, the egg and the sperm are fertilized in laboratory conditions. It is assumed that IVF will grow at a CAGR (composite periodic growth rate) of 28 per cent.

What is the importance of an Embryologist?

An embryologist can be considered a scientist, as they help produce embryos outside the womb using sperm and eggs. They play a critical part in assisting couples in conceiving who are facing challenges in creating naturally. They need to have in-depth knowledge of embryo development. This field of medicine has grown rapidly over time. Many medical camps are being organized to raise awareness about test-tube babies and in vitro fertilization procedures. For high-quality embryology training in India, one must have theoretical and clinical knowledge and a greater understanding of reproductive nuances. 

What are the duties of an Embryologist?

In an IVF, the main steps are egg retrieval, collecting sperm samples, and manually fertilizing them by inserting the sperm into an egg in the laboratory on a dish. A healthy embryo is transferred into the uterus by using a catheter. After the egg retrieval, they are handed over to a highly trained embryologist that performs IVF and the connected procedures. 

The primary responsibilities of an embryologist are to collect the eggs at the perfect time of the cycle, mixing them with the sperm to check whether fertilization has passed or not. They are mainly responsible for the success of the fertilization process. They will also examine the embryo’s quality by grading and ensuring its development. They will also determine the health of the source. After fertilizing the egg and the sperm, an embryologist will track fertilization and embryo development in the embryology lab.

Some IVF procedures need intracytoplasmic sperm injection(ICSI). ICSI is required in cases of male infertility. When there is low sperm production, sperm motility is not up to the mark, or the sperm has an abnormal shape, ICSI is used. In an ICSI, the sperm is directly injected into an egg. An embryologist performs this procedure. 

The work area of an embryologist is a clean, sterile laboratory and operating theatre. 

Qualifications required for a Clinical Embryologist

To practice as a clinical embryologist, one should have done clinical embryology training. Apart from this, they should possess the following:-

  • The person should be an Indian Citizen.
  • They should possess a valid MBBS, BAMS, BHMS, BUMS, or BDS degree
  • Has life sciences qualification like B.sc or M.sc
  • Is a healthcare professional 

Compared to all other reproductive medical practices, embryology is a relatively new field in India, so the job prospects are good, and they get handsome payments from fertility clinics. With the growth of fertility centres in semi-urban areas of India, there is an ever-growing demand for skilled and well-trained embryologists.

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