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About Us

Welcome to ZIVA Institute

Fertility and Embryology Training

Ziva Fertility Andrology & Embryology Training Institute now offers training Courses designed to enhance
critical laboratory skills in a highly focused and supervised learning environment.

Ziva Fertility and Embryology Training Institute aim to create a trend in training doctors and embryologists in the field of fertility and ART Program.
Ziva is known for its extraordinary success rates, ethical treatment, affordable costs,
world-class infrastructure and humane touch. With the retreat of such a capable and strong organization,
Ziva is well prepared to provide the best-in-class training to clinicians, embryologists, andrology technicians and paramedical staff,
to prepare them for the challenges of ART programs.

“Ziva has Awarded as Best Fertility and Ebryology Training Institute in India and best Fertility Centers in Telangana”

Our Vision

Our Vision is To impart the latest relevant knowledge & build an advanced centre of excellence and inspire education,
innovation and research in the field of Human Embryology and Reproductive Medicine. To provide complete learning experience
with the expert clinicians and embryologists .

Our Mission

Our Mission is to train and equip you to be independent Embryologists performing all ART procedures.
and bring academic excellence, cutting-edge technology, and skilled experience to aspirants in the field.

Meet Our Team

Dr. Chekuri Suvarchala Vardhan
Scientific Director

Dr. Chekuri Suvarchala Vardhan is the Scientific Director at ZIVA Embryology and Fertility Institute, Hyderabad. She has completed her MSc. in Clinical Embryology from Monash University, Australia and from Leeds University, UK. She is also the Pan India Scientific Director at Apollo Fertility and is an expert in her field.

Dr. Suvarchala has also procured a degree in Master of Psychology and Social Sciences from Australian Catholic University, Australia. She has even completed her PhD. in genetics from Nagarjuna University.

She played a key role in designing many IVF laboratories in her career including the state of art ZIVA lab. In addition to leading a competent team she also ensures the lab complies with all regulatory requirements.

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