Managing A Male Partner In Art Practice

Managing Male Partner in ART Practise
Assisted reproductive technology (ART) is a procedure to treat infertility, and this handles both eggs and sperm. During this surgical procedure, the eggs are taken from the ovaries and fertilized with sperm to make embryos. These embryos are then released into the uterus of another woman. It’s a different method of becoming pregnant (surrogacy).
The objectives of this module are to train in the following:

  • Diagnosing male fertility
  • Introduction to Andrology machines
  • Semen Analysis demonstration
  • Semen Analysis – Hands-on
  • Types of Testicular biopsied and its Sample Preparation Techniques
  • Advanced semen processing techniques
  • Interpreting semen analysis
  • Medical and lifestyle approaches to improve semen quality
  • Managing male infertility in endocrine causes 
  • Management of infections in male infertility
  • Ejaculatory dysfunction Retrograde ejaculation
  • Management of Azoospermia
  • Semen Freezing and Thawing
  • Types of micromanipulators and its principles
  • Genetics of male infertility
  • Surgical sperm retrieval of sperm
  • Varicocele: surgical interventionof ART?
  • Treating erection dysfunction
  • ART: which options to choose for male fertility?
  • Scrotal Ultrasonography in male fertility
  • Transrectal Ultrasonography in male infertility

Main clientage:
The Infertile Male Training program is designed to meet the educational needs of new and experienced clinicians, laboratory scientists, and allied health professionals.

To join Ziva institute for Diploma in Embryology, eligibility is only for citizens of India. The required qualifications are:

MBBS, BAMS, BHMS, BUMS, BDS, BSc, MSc, or equivalent life science qualifications.

Healthcare professionals such as., a nurse, scientists, or clinical embryologists. MBBS pass-outs from medical universities from Ukraine, Kazakhistan, Russia, China, Belarus, Georgia, Indonesia, and the Philippines are also eligible for admission at Ziva training institute.

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