Vitrification Training Program 2023

Vitrification is freezing the embryo and egg for later use. In this procedure, it’s possible to cool and warm the human embryos with less damage and a high survival rate. In this busy world, men and women are busy with their day-to-day schedules to finish their studies, jobs, and so forth, all getting delayed, even the idea of becoming parents. Waiting too long can also affect the possibility of becoming a parent, as age plays a vital role in fertility. After the age of 30, fertility in women starts to decrease. The vitrification procedure is a blessing for such women, increasing their chances of pregnancy by vitrifying their eggs or embryos. 

The main objectives of the Vitrification Training Program are:

  • Essentials of cryobiology (fundamental and advanced).
  • Set up of cryobiology lab.
  • Sample identification and witnessing.
  • Different types of straws/vials, and samples (sperm, oocyte, embryos).
  • Tank types, garage systems (LN2 and precautions in handling).
  • Transportation of frozen embryos/eggs.
  • Semen freezing (Ejaculate, Testicular and Epididymal sperm).
  • Vitrification of sperm.
  • Vitrification of oocytes and embryos: fundamentals and advanced.
  • Liquid nitrogen coping with & precautions (PPE).
  • Crucial issues in strategies and outcomes, traceability, criminal consideration.

Only Indian citizens are eligible to join the Ziva institute for the Vitrification training program. The required qualifications are:

  • MBBS, BAMS, BHMS, BUMS, BDS, BSc, MSc, or equivalent life science qualifications.
  • Healthcare professionals such as., a nurse, scientists, or clinical embryologists. MBBS pass-outs from medical universities from Ukraine, Kazakhistan, Russia, China, Belarus, Georgia, Indonesia, and the Philippines are also eligible for admission at Ziva training institute.

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