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Clinical Embryology

Embryology is a science related to the embryo’s formation, growth, and development. This science mainly deals with the complete parental stages of development, from the beginning formation of gametes, fertilization, construction of a zygote, and development of an embryo to the fetus and birth of the newborn. The educational background of aspiring students should be a B.Sc. with at least one subject in biological sciences or B.Sc Biotechnology or MBBS from a recognized university. 

Clinical embryology subjects are vast and complicated. A decent handle on science is an absolute requirement to have the option to adapt to it. A portion of the clinical embryology subjects is recorded underneath. An embryologist is not a doctor, but their specialized skills enable them to work with delicate cells such as sperm and eggs. An experienced embryologist with 10 to 20 years of experience can solve any complex embryology problem. An embryologist plays a vital role in every stage of IVF treatment.

Welcome to Ziva institute Fertility and Embryology training

Dr C. Suvarchala is the founder and scientific director of the Ziva Embryology and Fertility Institute. She has a PhD in Genetics and an MSc in Clinical Embryology, both earned at Monash University in Australia and Leeds University UK. Dr Suvarchala also worked at reputed corporate chains such as Morpheus Indo-German Fertility Centres, Nova IVI Fertility Centres, and Apollo Fertility Centres. She has a compassionate approach toward patients. She graduated from the Australian Catholic University with a Master of Psychology and Social Sciences degree.

Dr Suvarchala has performed IVF, ICSI, PGS, and Vitrification treatments at multiple fertility centres in Hyderabad and India.

Throughout her career, she played a significant role in the design of many IVF laboratories, including the cutting-edge ZIVA lab. Dr Suvarchala is passionate about training and teaching at our embryology teaching program and

started the Ziva Training Institute in the year 2019 at Manikonda.

Unique attractions of Ziva Training Center

  • After the internship, the candidates can join multi-speciality hospitals
  • During advanced training in embryology, they have live practicals to upgrade their knowledge
  • Dr Suvarchala teaches all the courses 
  • The trainees are given practical hands-on training at Ziva
  • During the Psychological counselling of IVF patients, the students participate in live sessions as an observer

What will you learn in training? 

One will gain knowledge about cell science and sub-atomic science along with:

  1. Undeveloped Undifferentiated cells
  2. Embryology of the Conceptive Framework – Male and Female
  3. Physiology of the Male and Female Conceptive Framework
  4. Spermatogenesis
  5. Oogenesis
  6. Implantation
  7. Undeveloped organism advancement – from the prominent cleavage to implantation
  8. Natural chemistry, including steroid digestion
  9. Hereditary qualities

    10) Ovarian hyperstimulation

    11) Patient screening

    12) Type and decision regarding the treatment

An embryology course in ZIVA offers invaluable experience and specific knowledge of the essential components of making IVF, ICSI, IUI, and other tactics more successful as part of assisted reproductive technology. The only goal of this path is to provide a competitive advantage in learning under the supervision of famous embryologists.

There is always an abundance of job opportunities for graduates in clinical embryology. These professionals are highly respected and very remunerative. Ziva Training Institute provides all modules’ course materials with certification and lives clinical practicals after each module.

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