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Certified Andrology Advance Training

The Ziva Training Institute holds a workshop to advance knowledge and expertise in infertility treatment. After getting trained in this course, the specialists will be able to treat couples who are unable to conceive naturally. 

At Ziva training institute, the main activity is intended to meet the educational needs of new and experienced clinicians, laboratory scientists, and allied health professionals interested in fertility services.

The main course objectives of this module are to train in:

  • Setup of an IVF Laboratory
  • Conventional IVF
  • Sperm capacitation & sperm-egg interaction
  • Fertilization & Embryo development
  • In vitro maturation of the oocyte
  • Sperm selection for ICSI
  • Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection
  • Sperm retrieval Techniques
  • Semen Analysis 
  • Advanced Semen Analysis – sperm function tests
  • Semen Processing techniques
  • Infected semen samples
  • Intra-uterine insemination
  • Ovarian stimulation and monitoring

The training duration at Ziva for the Embryology diploma is three months for NRI students and one year for Indian students. This unique course has provided practical skills to perform in IVF laboratories. 

The course ends with an assessment And certification.

The students are assessed with weekly quizzes, periodical assignments, and paper presentations with exams at the end of each module. Certifications are awarded after the completion of each module and course successfully.

To join Ziva institute for Diploma in Embryology, eligibility is only for citizens of India. The required qualifications are:

MBBS, BAMS, BHMS, BUMS, BDS, BSc, MSc, or equivalent life science qualifications. 

Healthcare professionals such as., a nurse, scientists, or clinical embryologists. MBBS pass-outs from medical universities from Ukraine, Kazakhistan, Russia, China, Belarus, Georgia, Indonesia, and the Philippines are also eligible for admission at Ziva training institute.

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