How Ziva’s embryology courses can shape your career?

How Ziva’s embryology courses can shape your career?

The main causes of infertility among couples are busy life schedules, stress, unhealthy dietary habits, consumption of tobacco, alcohol, and age.

What role is played by embryology in infertility?

Developmental science is the fascinating study of human processes that transform a single fertilized egg into a new individual with many unique cell types. Embryology is the branch of science which mainly deals with the formation, growth, and development of embryos. The doctors who study embryology are called Embryologists. The embryologist is the scientist who plays a critical role in IVF clinics. They are mainly the caretakers of the parent’s sperm, eggs, or embryos. They are scientific specialists who help create babies, create life from embryos, and make dreams of parenthood come true. 

The critical role of an embryologist is that they mainly focus on the development of an embryo outside the mother’s womb. An embryologist is considered a life-saver for families and couples.

What opportunities does an embryologist have?

Government reproductive and private clinics can employ an embryologist. Once experience is gained, they can take over responsible positions such as Lab manager or Lab director and work in fertility clinics, laboratories, universities, or commercial industries. In today’s world, an embryologist has vast opportunities to work in research organizations dealing with IVF. They can also get appointed in government as well as private hospitals. 

What are the courses in clinical embryology?

Clinical embryology and embryology are interlinked. Clinical embryology is a biology branch that studies egg fertilization and the embryo’s healthy development. Specialized doctors who work in the field of embryology are called embryologists. Embryologists are the scientists who directly discuss the treatment and counselling and explain the success rate and statistics to the patients.

Clinical embryology’s vital role is to reduce health complications of infertility and focus on the mechanism of the human body’s reproductive system in both men and women. The embryologist also studies the conditions in both men and women that could lead to severe infertility.

What are the advanced courses in embryology?

The advanced courses in embryology deal with research in Reproductive health. The Advanced Embryology Program deals with individual training to develop the knowledge and skills in all aspects of IVF and ICSI. The main aim of this course is to update the trainees’ knowledge and to improve their skillsets from renowned and experienced biologists and embryologists.

Welcome to Ziva Fertility Training Institute 

Fertility and Embryology training:

Dr C. Suvarchala is the founder and scientific director at Ziva Embryology and Fertility Institute. 

Several IVF, ICSI, PGS, and Vitrification treatments have been performed by Dr Suvarchala across multiple fertility centres in Hyderabad and India. In addition, the Ziva Training Institute was started in 2019 at Manikonda, Hyderabad.

Since 2019 at ZIEFT, all the programmes conducted have been successful. ZIVA has also included Fellowship courses in Reproduction Medicine.

She played a significant key role in designing many IVF laboratories in her career, including the state-of-the-art ZIVA lab.

Dr Suvarchala is passionate about training and teaching, updating herself with new developments in embryology, and discussing with trainees during the embryology teaching program.

Training assessments

The course ends with Assessment And Certification.

The students are assessed with weekly quizzes, periodic assignments, and paper presentations with exams at the end of each module. Certifications are awarded after the completion of each module and course successfully.


The certified trainees from Ziva are internationally eligible to work in any corporate hospital. NRI trainee professionals can also get a job in their respective countries. In addition, the institute conducts live practical programmes for trainees with senior doctors and clients(patients). 

The required qualifications are:

Required qualifications: MBBS, BAMS, BHMS, BUMS, BDS, BSc, MSc, or equivalent life science qualifications, healthcare professionals such as., a nurse, scientist, or clinical embryologist. MBBS pass-outs from medical universities from Ukraine, Kazakhistan, Russia, China, Belarus, Georgia, Indonesia, and the Philippines are also eligible for admission at Ziva training institute.

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